A New Look on Men's Grooming: The Importance of Bevel, their Partnership with Nas and more

A new age in men's grooming for those who have coarse to curly hair.

Why the brand is important?  When it comes to mens grooming and hair cutting we have only had two household names, Andis and Wahl. Since 1922 there has been no other competitors on this monopoly in the market.Thats 94years since the market has been unchanged, 94years!! Well I am glad to today that we can finally say there is a new face (a face my brothers can relate too) on this grooming playing field and their name is Bevel. 

Why Nas is important? “We only want to work with folks who can tell an authentic story who can help us tell ours,” - Tristan Walker - 

“Nas is one of the most authentic entertainers out there,” he said. “He’s the same today as he was 20 years ago. But, when you think about Nas—outside of his lyrical ability—you think about haircuts. The affluent part that he rocks all the time? He always comes correct, comes sharp.” - Tristan Walker -

Nas one of the most iconic rappers to ever "do it," embodies the essence of what Bevel exemplifies; power, innovation and form. Its easy to see how Nas' form/style has influenced the style of many young fellas over the two plus decades he has been able to bless the stage. He continues to stay relevant by his constant ability to not only innovate but elevate his style; whether its baggy jeans and gold chains to cigars and three-piece suits or curating some of the hottest tracks with artist from Mariah Carey  to Damian "Jr. Gong"  Marley.

Now Nas' influential power does not just stop at his ability to rock the mic by blessing all TRUE hip-hop lovers with some of the most iconic lyrics that we have ever heard, Nas has been one of the biggest faces behind Bevel's success. Nas being the first person Tristan Walker ever pitched his company to, believed in Tristan's product but more importantly; his dream. with that investing $15 million dollars into Bevel.   

What Tristan has accomplished and the future

Tristan Walker to say the least is nothing short of phenomenal. At the age of 30, Tristan graduated Stanford with his MBA in 2010, and since then has set the world on fire, largely impart from his innovative creative genius. Tristan is a walking GIANT in Silicon Valley. He first got his start at Foursquare as the head of business development. For those who may not know, Foursquare was one of the original location based "check-in" apps. Now you know why ever app we have wants to track our location, Thanks Tristan lol. 

Tristan has not stopped there, January 11, 2016 Bevel released their first trimmer onto the world; Can I say, forever changing the "Clipper Game." for many Groomers like myself. 

I am extremely excited to see  where the Bevel brand can go from here as this young entrepreneur continues to write a new narrative for the many young Black brothers and sisters to shape their careers after.