Drinks, Love & Laughter with A Subtle Twist for Valentine’s Day

Last weekend we conducted a dope photoshoot for Valentine's Day with a little twist for the campaign #YouKnowItsLoveWhen featuring a few of our Cathedra gentlemen and the special women in their lives

The women served, groomed (yes, groomed) and expressed outright adoration for their guys. Valentine’s Day is about the love between partners, families and more; and although it is usually geared towards the satisfaction of women we wanted to show that men like to be catered to and adored as well...even if just for a day or a few hours.

At Cathedra, concierge service and appreciation are key points of the customer experience. The Valentine’s Day campaign was created because Founder and Head Groomer Valjean Guerra II wanted to capture the shop aesthetic and parallel it with the love, laughter and adoration expressed on Valentine’s Day; but this time with all the gratitude and love given to the men.

Join us by using the Hashtag #YouKnowItsLoveWhen when posting yourself and your loved ones during this holiday season

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