Celebrate Father's Day

There is only one time a year to honor the fathers and father-figures in our lives. The definition of "Father" is personal for some and for others non-existent. Although everyone has their own unique way to celebrate or not celebrate this day, at Cathedra we think it is important to support and promote the positive fathers and father-figures we service and meet daily. This year we decided to bring a few of our clients and community members together to share private stories about their fathers, their journey of fatherhood or the experiences they share with their husbands as fathers.

We were prompted to put this video together after viewing a video from Angel Soft about celebrating moms on Father's Day. Although we support all of the hardworking moms who play the roles of both parents, it is important to not outshine fathers who deserve the celebration or recognition.

See below for a special shout out to the influential men in the lives of our clients and community. Please be sure to share with your friends and family and help us say Happy Father's Day!

If your father lives in New York or you want treat yourself or your husband take advantage of our current Father's Day special.

All fathers receive 25% off any service until Sunday, JuLY 3RD.


Book now for an appointment and the discount will be applied at the conclusion of the service.


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